How To Make Phone Ring When It's On Silent. 4:49 AM Technology

There's common problem with every mobile user sometimes we kept our mobile somewhere and forget about that. This is not a big mistake but find a find a lost mobile on silent mode is a major problem for anyone.

How to make someones mobile phone ring when its on silent mode via make my phone ring. Many people are searching for how to call a phone when phone on silent mode and make it ring when they lost their phone in silent mode and can't find them. It is a critical problem when you lost your phone in silent mode.

The easiest way of find to mobile try to memorize where you last saw it.Come back to the place and start your look for. Now solution for how to make phone ring when its on silent mode. So here we are sharing the make my phone ring trick

Android device is quite smart and having more extra functions.The innumerable features it has makes it one of the best OS which people like to use and widely used till date.

This application will help in finding out the cellphone which is placed nearby you in silent mode.So, check out the below given steps by step to get the solution for how to make a mobile phone ring when phone on silent mode. If you are planning to root your android device then this post to root android without computer will help you.

Method 1: Procedure To How To Find a Lost Android Phone On Silent Mode

Step 1: Install Ring My Droid

First of all you are required to download this application from google play store make my phone ring android app to make a phone ring on silent : Ring My Droid

Step 2: Open application now

When you get done with the process of installation, open the application

Step 3: Set Your Key Phrase

Now you will see the display with Set Your Key Phrase. Here you will be required to insert the secret message which will make your phone ring when it get received on your android device.



Step 4: Secret Message

Now click the Set button after entering the secret message. Now when your phone get lost on silent mode, you just need to send this secret message to the phone via any other mobile. The phone will start ringing.

Step 5: Found Phone

And when you find the location of your phone via this make my phone ring then just click on Found Phone! button. It will stop ringing.


Step 6: Done

That's it. You are done with the process of how to make a phone ring on silent. This will help you to call a phone on silent and make it ring.

Method 2: Procedure To How To Find a Lost Android Phone On Silent Mode

These day's Androis is one of the most popular mobile operating systems and thanksfull to Google's Android Developer's who is put safety feature like Device Manager which can be helps to find a lost phone at your home or outside. Let's knoe how it work's?

But the only condition is that your Smartphone must have a internet connection and should be connected with a data connection or your home Wi-Fi network who will help you locate android device

Step 1: Open Web Browser

Open any browser on your computer or laptop and go to Android Device Manager Page.

Step 2: Login Gmail

Login with you the your own Gmail account, Which is associated with your Android Device.


Step 3: Check Device list

After login, you will see the list of devices which are connected with your Gmail account.

Step 4: Select Device

Select the lost device and you will get Massage Prompt Ring, Lock & Erase option.

Step 5: Choose Action

Now click on Ringbutton and confirm the confirmation box.

Step 6: Done

Android device manager is a free application by Google, Which is available on Google Play Store .


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